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The Times Square Diner Story

Anyone can copy another restaurants concept. It happens all the time, but your passion and culture are what set you apart.

As Restaurateurs Sol and Hernando acquired a passion for food over 17 years ago when Hernando decided to change his career and started working in the restaurant business. Hernando’s dad a renowned Cardiologist in Cartagena, Colombia, and a successful businessman instilled a passion for medicine and business, as Hernando saw how his father helped others and also became one of the best Cardiologist and businessmen in his country. Hernando developed a love for medicine but did not want to pursue so many years of studies and opted to go into the business world where he obtained a degree in business.

Hernando’s father who was hoping he’d follow his footsteps in becoming a doctor, supported the passion that he slowly developed for business and food, for years he wanted to go into culinary school and while a short time back in Colombia he was able to do so he also took advantage of all his time there and started a construction business which became very successful. A few years later returned to Melbourne and worked in a few restaurants in town where he cultivated more of a passion for food.

He visited Time Square Diner for breakfast on several occasions both Sol and Hernando fell in love with the concept of owning a diner. He was offered a job where he accepted and for many years worked long, long hours slowly his dreams came true as that owner offered to sell him the place. Today he is the owner of TSD, he looks back today at what his dad’s dreams for him, he didn’t become that doctor, but truly followed his dad’s footsteps in becoming that businessman, and surely learned dad’s kindness to help others. Both he and Sol and their two children are operating the diner and are blessed to have an amazing staff working for them. Many people have questioned why Time Square? It’s a New York inspired themed restaurant, when they purchased it, they did not want to make any changes to the menu as they fell in love with the diner the first day they visited.

Sol had lived many years in New York and New Jersey and loved the concept of the deli style sandwiches, that famous Carnegie, but also loved that the diner’s food which was as a mixture of cultures. New York being a melting pot, the Mediterranean dishes and American dishes had to stay, as they loved each dish on the menu. They have also incorporated a variety of dishes from a succulent filet mignon to delicious lobster tails, a huge variety of seafood dishes to go with all audacious and venturesome palettes. Many times the customers are in awe as they love that it’s more than a diner it’s a fine dining experience. The intense passion for making the diner more than just diner food but bringing fresh ingredients daily in each dish has brought customers as far as Orlando and Vero Beach to visit at least few times a month. Time Square Diner is a place known for huge portions but amazing quality food, where you want to enjoy either breakfast, lunch, dinner or just go in and have their fresh baked desserts with a glass a wine or a coffee in the dining room which is decorated with cozy décor, as well as art of NYC or enjoy the fresh air on their beautiful patio surrounded by beautiful plants.

Hernando and Sol are proud to say two of their four children work at Time Square Diner.